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The Shadows's Reflection

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First Path
"From Maribárbola to Sor Juana"
Second Path
"Greeks vs Chinese"
Third Path
"Self-portraiture as the reflection of the artist's consciousness
and print making as the consciousness of reflection"

“Casa Frissac” Gallery is a public art space in the South of Mexico City. Institutions such as this regularly host art exhibitions, however in their aim of being inclusive of all the population, they almost never have a particular profile. One day they may host a group exhibition of paintings by elderly women and the next week it might be housing a performance by a young artist. As a consequence of this there is never a regular public in these spaces.

This project started with the aim of involving the public as a witness in the process of the transformation of the gallery space, and therefore creating a public which attended the gallery space regularly.

The project began on August 2007, with an exhibition of drawings by Rodrigo Imaz, made directly over the gallery walls. The day of his opening, Rodrigo inivted me to draw something in top of his drawings. Since then I began to think on the possibilities of creating a dialogue between his work and mine. One of my aims in my collaboration to the project was to make reference to the building's original function, as a XIXth Century house. It was for this reason that I used the design of wall paper which appeared in many places along the gallery's walls.

In the other hand, I was also interested in connecting the different drawings so that they wouldn't appear isolated from each other. In order to ahcieve this, I made three different dialogues between my work and Rodrigo's, based upon the concept of "reflection". In this way, the drawings and paintings of a room could be connected to those of another room by doorways and windows, and by working as "conceptual reflections" of each other.

The three images above will lead you to images of these three different paths.

After this second opening the artist collective "Jokus" started working on the third stage. Lola Sosa was in charge of the fourth stage and finally Olivia Galván was requested to complete the last stage before repainting all the gallery's walls on white.

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"Reflejos y sombras" Proceso Magazine, October 21, 2007. By Blanca González Rosas.


Rodrigo Ímaz ... http://www.livingartroom.com/rodigo_imaz



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