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How can our exposure to the Internet modify the way we conceive and interact with urban infrastructure?

This is the main research question of these series of works. Through them I look for intersecting points in concepts that could originally appear to be at odds. This notion can be clearly spotted through the drawings of Wikipedia screenshots that accompany each coloured work. These black and white sketches make reference to different specialized terms from outside the field of art. My intention with them is that the viewer can relate the displayed concept to the subject matter of the coloured drawing and thus find a new way by which to understand the work.

Further on, the Wikipedia drawings are also intended for pointing out an intrinsic characteristic of the medium of drawing. Since the information published in Wikipedia may contain errors, this website is commonly deemed as unreliable. Although this imprecision is considered a problem when seeking trust worthy information, in the context of this project it can be viewed as a suitable characteristic. This is due to the fact that drawing is a medium that shares subjectivity as one of its inherent characteristics.